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Roof Cleaning in Birmingham

If you require roof cleaning in Birmingham, look no further than P & T Driveway Cleaning. Our extensive industry experience and commitment to employing the latest in pressure cleaning technology ensure that our operatives are able to tackle any roof cleaning job on all varieties of roof.


P & T Driveway Cleaning was founded in 2011 in Birmingham


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Fully Trained, Properly Equipped Pressure Washing Specialists

When combined with our comprehensive gutter and drainpipe cleaning service, you can rest assured that your roof will not only look great, it will also function perfectly to help protect your property from the elements.

A Thorough Yet Delicate Roof Cleaning Service

Your roof is always likely to gather unsightly moss, algae, lichen and general stubborn airborne pollution. Our roof cleaning service uses a soft pressure washing system to clean away all the dirt and restore its natural look, without causing damage to tiles, shingles or other roofing surfaces. The in-house training programme completed by all P & T Driveway Cleaning operatives ensures that the right equipment and the right level of pressure is used each and every time. We also offer the optional extra of replacing broken tiles and repointing of ridges and coating of the full roof, providing a one-stop for roof maintenance to ensure your roof is at its very best.

Chemical Roof Cleaning to Eliminate Moss and Algae Growth

Using the right roof cleaning chemicals we can remove all moss and algae from your roof. In the vast majority of cases involving moss and algae growth, a thorough roof clean using soft pressure washing techniques is all you need as opposed to a new roof. The cleaning chemicals we use are carefully selected to ensure that your tiles don’t suffer any damage, and they won’t cause their colour to fade.

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