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P & T Driveway Cleaning have been setting impressively high standards for patio cleaning in Birmingham. Our highly experienced team of pressure cleaners, equipped with the latest in pressure cleaning technology will ensure that your patio is as good as new.


P & T Driveway Cleaning was founded in 2011 in Birmingham


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Saving You Both Time and Money

Bricks and slabs inevitably deteriorate over time with a build up of moss, grime and algae. If your patio is not regularly cleaned and maintained this will obscure the colours and vibrancy of your paving blocks. We continually invest in the very latest high pressure cleaning equipment available, which enables us to carry out top quality cleaning and maintenance.

Our meticulous cleaning and maintenance process includes pressure cleaning, sanding and sealing, leaving you with spectacular results. By using a specialist patio cleaning company such as P & T Driveway Cleaning, you’re prolonging the lifespan of your garden patio.

While we understand that it’s tempting to purchase your own Karcher pressure washer and try patio cleaning yourself, the machines you can buy for domestic use are very weak and it can take all day, even all weekend to fully clean your patio. Our patio cleaning equipment is diesel powered from our own generator to provide an industrial patio cleaning service in next to no time.

Our specialist pressure cleaning operatives are able to remove stubborn black spots which domestic cleaning apparatus struggles to remove. These black spots on your patio, usually appear on Indian Sandstone are known as lichen. Unlike other patio cleaning companies that just use pressure washing machines, we have the right tools and chemicals to restore your patio back to it’s original condition.



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